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      氢氘交换质谱(HDX MS)


      对于蛋白质高级结构研究,氢氘交换质谱(HDX MS)已经成为生物技术公司不可或缺的技术。

      HDX MS相关LC-MS、自动化操作和信息学技术的技术创新已经使其从科学研究发展成为蛋白质药物研发的稳健工具。

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      What is MSE?

      MSE is the ultimate technology for comprehensive, reproducible profiling and characterization.
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      Article reprint

      "Analytical tools for characterizing biopharmaceuticals and the implications for biosimilars" by HDX thought leaders Steven Berkowitz and John Engen.
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      Center of Innovation

      Professor John Engen at Northeastern University is a pioneer in the use of hydrogen deuterium exchange and ion mobility mass spectrometry, HDX MS.
      Learn about Dr. Engen's lab