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      Waters Logo

      The Waters logo is the company’s brand and most important asset. Because of this, it is important to maintain standards that govern the use of the company name in all channels of communication. It is also vital to ensure that all materials produced are consistent with the corporate identity guidelines. The following is a set of rules for using the Waters logo in order to ensure the proper presentation.

      USE - The Waters logo should only be reproduced from approved original artwork, digital or printed. Do not stretch, pull or manipulate the logo in any way or use the Waters logo in a headline or any body text.

      POSITIONING - The Waters corporate brand logo should be positioned in a way to consistently maintain its appearance. This means that it should never be inserted into other graphic elements, turned sideways, placed too close to the edge of a page, or be encroached upon by other key elements. The open area around the logo should be no less than twice (2x) the size of the “e” in the logo.


      Waters Logo

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